Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants (ISMMMO)

The Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants was founded in 1990, after the introduction of CPA regulations enacted under Law No. 3568 in 1989. ISMMMO is widely recognised as one of the leading accountancy body in Turkey.

The Chamber's principal objectives include the provision of an organisational framework for all professional accountants, the support and the promotion of the activities and interests of the accountancy profession, the safeguarding of the reputation of the profession and adherence to the Code of Ethics by all its members, as well as the continuous professional development and updating of the members on issues relevant to accounting, auditing and other business matters.
ISMMMO, provides a wide range of support services to more than 40.000 members and 12,000 trainees with:

Effective representation of the profession's interests in politics, government and other institutions, both nationally and internationally;

- Development of technical rules for exercising the profession to assure uniform high quality;
- Operational and technical support for the daily work of members;
- Organization of professional trainings, seminars, events aligned to the prevailing requirements, including support for Professional Examination candidates;
- An efficient Information and Media Centre for research into professional services.

ISMMMO is the member of TURMOB (Union of Chambers of Certified Public Accountants Turkey), which is the national professional body with the authority to award Professional License.


İSMMMO Hakkında

Geleceğe yönelik projeleriyle, üyelerinin gelişimini sağlayan; Şeffaflığı, denetimi, yeniliği savunan ve çevre sorunlarına duyarlı; Toplumumuzun aydınlatılmasına, akademik, mesleki kamuoyuyla güçlü işbirliği yaparak ekonomik kalkınmaya katkı sunan, lider kurum olmaktır.